A few days late, but my main new year’s resolution finally kicked in on 3rd January.
After 15 years and a couple of pathetic failed attempts, I decided I needed to stop smoking. For Good.

In the past I have tried patches, (this lasted a full two days, they made me feel extremely nauseous and gave me a migraine) and when I found out I was pregnant I stopped immediately, going cold turkey. Then for some reason or another, when my daughter was 8 months old I decided to pick up a cigarette and before I knew it, there I was smoking yet again.

So, 7 days ago I took myself to The Vape Store Malta in Qawra to see how they could help me out. Having a cigarette just out of sight of the doorway before I went in, I didn’t really have a clue what to expect, nor did I think I’d have much success. Nevertheless, I’d arranged to meet Flora and Nick there to help me out and was excited to at least give it a go. I had nothing to lose.

After a chat with Tom, the owner, about how many cigarettes I smoke a day, I was sorted out with my own Vape (rose gold in colour) and chose my vape liquid. As it’s the nicotine that is addictive in cigarettes it was right that the liquid contained the right mgs of nicotine in it to coincide with the number of cigarettes I smoked daily. None of those other nasty chemicals! This way I was told I could gradually reduce the nicotine levels in the liquids if I wished, as and when I was ready.

Set up for me, with (luckily for me) easy to follow instructions from Tom, I was ready to go!

By the time I came out of the store I was ready for a cigarette, the only trouble was, I didn’t have any more left on me. So, a few puffs on my vape it was and off I went home.
This was now the real test, my husband smokes so there was tobacco in the house.

It wasn’t easy but as we usually have a cigarette together outside I stuck to the same routine. Every time my husband had a cigarette, I popped outside with him and puffed away for the same duration it took him to smoke his cigarette. Then back inside, put it down and found something to do to distract me.
If there was ever a time I could really do with a cigarette it would be now. My young daughter came out in a raging dose of chickenpox. Continual crying with itchiness (her, not me), and two full sleepless nights (all three of us) were a real test but I didn’t give in.

Exactly a week into vaping and I haven’t touched a cigarette.
In fact, it may be the novelty, but I am enjoying it.

The flavours of liquids available are endless, having a sweet tooth meant I didn’t have to think twice about choosing a mixed berry flavour. Not only does it taste fabulous but it smells pretty nice too.
I’ve started to notice a strong smell of cigarettes on my husband which I never did before and my morning cough is starting to ease off.

Thanks to the Vape Store Malta for their support and today, day seven, I am very pleased to report that the thought of smoking a cigarette makes me feel a little queasy. I’m hoping it’s the vape doing the trick and not me coming down with some sort of illness. Only time will tell…

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