My Journey So Far…

Week Two

So here I am, exactly two weeks into my new year’s resolution of trying to quit smoking and let’s just say it’s going a hell of a lot better than my resolution to diet!

The end of last week saw me running a bit low on the bottles of liquids I had got with my Vape, so 9 days in I popped back to The Vape Store to stock up. With an offer on of 3 bottles for €10 on the liquids I am using, how could I refuse?

Deciding to stick with the same nicotine level of 12mg for now, I sat down and had a good browse through the ‘menu’. After changing my mind several times (sorry guys!) my sweet tooth led me to choosing Dusk (a raspberry lemonade flavour), Pear Drops and Banoffee Pie. I literally couldn’t wait to try them. I now had enough to last me until the end of week three.


I smoked approximately 15 cigarettes a day prior to Vaping, and although maths isn’t my strong point, I decided to do some calculations… (Flora and Nick correct me if I am wrong).

Here’s my working based on 3 weeks:
21 days x 15 cigarettes a day = 315 cigarettes
315 ÷ 20 cigarettes per packet = 16 packets (more or less)
16 x €5 per packet = €80 (!)

Cost of Vape liquids from Vape Store to last me 3 weeks = €20
€80 (what I would have spent on cigarettes) – €20 (spent on liquids)
means I am saving, give or take, €20 a week! A WEEK!!!

Have I seen the benefits from this money saving you may ask? Yes indeed.

Whereas most sensible people would probably put the savings away and let it build up, in my excitement, I now have a pair of new shoes and have scoffed my way through several luxurious cakes from the local bakery I wouldn’t normally indulge in. Hence my new year diet is non-existent, but one thing at a time.

This week has been surprisingly easy and I can honestly say I have not been tempted once. Admittedly my husband (who smokes) is away so there are no cigarettes in the house, but if there was ever an ideal time to cheat, this would be it.
I’m literally taking one day at a time and not taking anything for granted as it is still very early days and I have been told the next couple of weeks could get a bit tricky. As the compartment holding the liquid on my Vape becomes low I top up with a different flavour which I’m finding helpful. Pear drops is especially good.

I think my sense of taste is improving slightly and my sense of smell is. Although I still don’t find the smell off putting, but it’s certainly quite nice not to have that cigarette odour lurking around wherever I go.
So, here’s to week three. Wish me luck and I’ll keep you updated in my Sunday video (I might even do my hair) and diary entry next week. Thanks to everyone for their support.