Week 4

Here I am exactly 29 days into being smoke free!

Thankfully this week has been a lot easier.

Most of Saturday was spent at my friends’ apartment. I thought this might be quite tough going as usually time spent with these friends usually involves regular trips onto their balcony to all enjoy a cigarette and continue with our gossiping (sorry, I mean intellectual conversations).
With my trusty Vape fully charged and full to the max with my pear drops liquid, I found I had absolutely nothing to worry about. My friends smoking around me did not bother me in the slightest.

Monday morning, I paid another trip to The Vape Store in Qawra to stock up on a further three liquids. This time opting for mixed berry flavours (I wonder if this counts towards my five a day??).
My intention this time was to cut down on the nicotine levels in the liquids I use.
I started on 12mg and have remained the same.

As usual the guys at The Vape Store were extremely helpful. Even though, to me, the past 29 days have felt like an eternity, it was recommended that although I was quite welcome to, it’s still early days for me to be cutting down and to maybe give it a couple more weeks.
Not wanting to tempt fate and have the thought of having another cigarette looming over me, nor wanting to puff away on my Vape twice as much as I am doing, I decided to stick with the 12mg. It’s certainly better than smoking!

My husband, a smoker, returned home from a three-week trip to the UK on Wednesday. Surprisingly he has managed to cut down smoking on his own while he has been away. Perhaps having to go outside to smoke in temperatures dropping to -5°C and working 12 hour days helped slightly, however I like to think that me stopping has also encouraged him to try and do the same.

I’ve started to notice the smell of cigarettes more which I never really noticed before. Although now being able to detect if someone is smoking in my vicinity at twenty paces I can honestly say the smell doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t find it a horrible smell and it doesn’t make me want to have a cigarette either! I have the Vape with me all the time, so to date, I haven’t been in a situation where I need a nicotine fix and haven’t had my Vape to hand. That will be interesting to see how I get on but I am not even willing to try it out yet.

So, all in all, this week has been relatively easy and I really enjoying vaping. Easy to use when I am out and about too, and no more fumbling around in my bottomless handbag trying to find a lighter!

Thank you to everyone for your support, Nicky.