My Journey to Quitting Smoking

Week 7

49 days exactly without a cigarette. I can’t believe it. To say I’m proud of myself is an understatement. The past couple of weeks there hasn’t been much to report, I’ve had the odd craving but nothing too bad and quickly passed and I’m continuing with my berry flavoured liquids.

In the last few days I’ve noticed some changes. The first and most noticeable being I don’t appear to be vaping as much. I’m not any more or any less busy than usual. I just don’t appear to be reaching for my Vape as much as I was doing. Admittedly it is still permanently at my side apart from when I go to bed and I like to describe it as my version of a comfort blanket – if I know it’s there I’m fine.

So, another huge factor for me is I feel well. I’m not as tired as I used to be, my persistent cough has vanished, I have a bit more energy (not a lot as I’ve never been the most energetic of people) and I’m certainly not getting as out of breath. 

My nicotine stained fingers are now back to their normal colour and I am no longer paranoid about hiding my hands – in fact I have even ordered myself a rose gold coloured nail varnish to match my Vape (good old eBay with its free shipping!).

Last weekend I was very fortunate to be treated to a night’s stay at a beautiful hotel in Valletta by way of a thank you for some writing work I did. With my husband away (again!) I took my young daughter with me. You may be thinking ‘what on earth has this got to do with vaping?’ Well, even though I took my vape with me, there was no way I could use it for the 24hours I was there. As with smoking, I choose not to vape in sight of my daughter, at home I can pop into the yard while she’s busy playing, but in Valletta there was no opportunity to do this. Our mini break was fantastic and I feel, made even more so by the fact I didn’t constantly have on my mind ‘how on earth am I going to have a nicotine fix?’.

Arriving home, I am not ashamed to say, I literally dumped our bags in the hall, grabbed some crayons and paper for Bridget and dived into the yard for a vape. After spending nearly 90 minutes on the bus journey home, standing most of the way with a fidgeting, over tired, over excited toddler, who, after getting off the bus decided she’s forgotten how to walk, it’s a wonder I didn’t reach for a gin.

This week I’m back to The Vape Store, Qawra and will hopefully stock up on liquids with 9mg of nicotine rather than the 12mg I have been on since I started.

This morning I treated myself to a coffee at my regular place in Mellieha, to help the staff out I decided to empty the ashtray at my table left by the customers who had just left. As I tipped it into the bin I found myself rolling my eyes, tutting and shaking my head in disgust. 

Please don’t say I am turning into one of those ex-smokers!


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