Although it may surprise most of my friends (especially those in Malta), I’ve always been very open to the idea of holistic and alternative therapies. That doesn’t mean that I have finger cymbals and preach world peace on a daily but I have experienced many benefits from reiki in the past and am always open to new ways to help dealing with many of life’s challenges.

Saying that Salt Therapy is far from a new concept or the latest fad, as its origins date back to the early 1800’s and the salt mines in Europe and Russia. In fact Halotherapy as it is also known, dates back as far as the twelfth century and Poland, with the first mention of a dedicated resort where they bathed in salt water.

Over the last twenty years with more and more dedicated salt caves opening, many people across the world have discovered the benefits particularly in North America, Austria, France, Eastern Europe, UK, Italy and Singapore. Although it is classed as a therapy, there is no medical prescription required or actual involvement, apart from many Doctors being happy to promote its benefits.

In very basic terms pharmaceutical grade salt (not the stuff you put on your food ) is inhaled and enters the respiratory system, where it acts as a natural antihistamine. The process opens up the airways and helps treat many day to day symptoms such as Asthma, Sinusitis, Allergies, Hay Fever, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Ear Infections, Coughs and Colds.

Salacia Salt Therapy in Qawra was opened earlier this year and is the first of it’s kind in Malta. Owners PJ and Rebecca are huge advocates of the treatment, after witnessing the benefits received by a relative during a visit a salt cave, whilst on holiday in Australia.

Upon arriving we were warmly greeted, in their very clean and spacious reception area.

We had the process explained to us, filled out a form and were then handed a hair net and overshoes. Despite having previously worked in an environment where hair nets were compulsory, it still provides an obvious photo opportunity for our friends and Flora’s amusement.

We entered into the changing area, where we put on our over shoes to protect the salt cave and placed our belongings in a locker. For those concerned at the prospect of entering a communal environment half naked, not a problem here as the whole experience is enjoyed fully clothed.

The Salt Cave itself is impressive, salt covers the walls and floor with Himalayan Salt lamps and loungers completing the relaxing environment. PJ explained that we could use our laptops or phones to work through the session if we wanted but leading the working life that I do, I was determined to enjoy the rest as much as I could.

As PJ left the cave we were handed blankets to protect our clothes from the salt, the lights were dimmed and the relaxing music began. In truth I wasn’t really sure what to expect but ambience gave me all the excuses I needed to recline my lounger and just forget about everything that I needed to do. Like many of us, we get very few chances to just relax and it’s something that we both keep saying that we need to address. Here was the perfect opportunity.

As we laid back enjoying our break from working life, it wasn’t long before we started to notice the effects of the salt. To start with our noses started to itch, nothing unbearable more of a tingling than anything else. Then as grown adults do, we realised that if you licked your own face you could actually taste the salt.

Unfortunately time passed far too quickly for my liking and as the light came on and the music stopped, our hour long session came to an end. Obviously as we are writing an article for a member of one of our directories you would expect us to be biased but it was honestly one of the most relaxing and welcome 60 minutes that I have had for along time.

A couple of days after?

Through times of heavy workloads, stress and particularly after shaving, my face does become a very blotchy (hope you are not eating). When I was boxing most presumed my defence was really bad but since I’ve stopped, I’ve not had that excuse to fall back on. Despite our ever increasing workload and our impressive inability to keep up, after just one session I have not had any problems at all, even after shaving.

If we take into account that I may have just been lucky and my body has finally accepted the inevitable, there is always Flora.
Flora has had allergies to dusty environments for years and is also affected by hay fever. For her Spring is by far the worst time of the year and living opposite one of the many construction sites we have in Malta, isn’t really ideal.
In the days after the session, her coughing has stopped and her usual daily symptoms have reduced greatly. Again this could just be a coincidence but looking at the many unbiased videos online, it is far from uncommon.

Apart from the benefits that we both enjoyed, the whole experience was very welcome. Even if you are lucky enough to be allergy, ailment or anything else that you would rather not have free, an hour in the Salacia Salt Cave is the perfect place to get away from the stresses of life…and probably benefit your body too!

For more information about the Salacia Salt Therapy, please click here