My Journey to Quitting Smoking… After six months

Words by Nicky Collins

I’ve been a bit quiet for the last few weeks, purely because there wasn’t much to report, however this week has been a whole new milestone for me. For anyone who has been following my journey, and for those who haven’t, here’s a recap…

In January I took the step of quitting smoking after a few failed attempts over the years. The difficulty for me was that I enjoyed smoking but I knew my health was suffering and puffing away on cigarettes day in and day out was obviously a major factor. With nothing to lose, I decided to give Vaping a go as a smoking replacement but in all honesty, although I was eager to give it a try, I didn’t have much faith in myself. With the help and advice from the team at The Vape Store, Qawra, I was given my very first Vape and liquids and my journey started.

Here I am today, six months completely smoke free and rather proud of myself to say the least.

The last six months have seen me popping back to The Vape Store for advice and of course new liquids. I have vaped my way through pear drops, red lips, sweet tobacco, vamp toes, bubblegum, orange ice, parma violets and presently watermelon. As you can probably tell I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

I have cut down the nicotine levels in the liquids to 6mg and in the next few weeks will hopefully drop down to liquids with no nicotine. The Vape comes with me everywhere as personally, after smoking for so many years, I am in the habit of just having something I can puff on or even just in my hand (like my own security blanket).

Although I have no cigarette cravings whatsoever, I am still at the stage where if my vape wasn’t to hand, I wouldn’t trust myself not to light up a cigarette so I make sure it’s with me every time I leave the house.
More good news is my husband has also quit smoking and started vaping too and is well on his way to being two months cigarette free. His main incentive was seeing how easy I was finding it and despite him still smoking at the time and cigarettes lying around the house, I never once, let the temptation of lighting one up, get to me.

With our vapes charged and a stock of liquids, the urge of having a cigarette doesn’t even cross our minds. My horrendous morning cough has disappeared and whether it is linked or not to quitting smoking, I don’t seem to be catching as many colds as I used to.
Thanks to doing a shared diary and Nick and Flora asking what seems like the whole of Mellieha to keep an eye out for me cheating, I’ve found the whole journey easier than I thought I would.

At the moment I have no intention of giving up vaping for two reasons 1) I’m not ready and 2) I enjoy it!

My next step is to move onto liquids with no nicotine but all in good time and I’ll be getting plenty of advice of the guys at The Vape Store before I do. The last thing I want to do is do this before I’m fully ready and end up back where I started.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, words of encouragement mean a lot and I certainly couldn’t have got this far alone. As for my healthy eating and weight loss, that’s a different story. A journey that never started. If only they did vape liquids in doner kebab flavour!